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Barista-Essentials, an E-commerce brand selling white label barista products was searching for a developing partner. Their vision was clear, sell good products for a fair price. Their brand had gained traction, but the products where lacking. Thats where Studio Jawel came in.

This project was initiated by Barista-Essentials and we are still working together on the product line till this day.

The first products launched in oktober 2023 at the Host trade fair in Milan only after 3 months of starting the project. The products are sold worldwide.

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Competition & Quality hurting the brand


Barista-Essentials wants to help home barista's (like them) with fairly priced tools, quality content and amazing customer support. The thing that was lacking where the quality products. Their customers would see the exact same products with different brand names sometimes for cheaper prices. This is exactly what Studio Jawel can offer!

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Barista essentials





Creating a strategy


Studio Jawel's role in this project was developing a hardware-brand language for Barista-Essentials. Innovating on existing products and facilitating the move towards their own production channels.
We started by doing some market research and found a great market fit for the new products.

Dosing rings


The dosing ring prevents a messy kitchen by funneling ground coffee into the portafilter. The old ring went into the portafilter which left a undesirable imprint in the coffee bed. The new rings perfectly fit on the filter baskets and snaps on through magnets.

We designed 4 different sizes of these rings to fit all kinds of filter baskets.





This tool is used to wisk clumps of coffee out of your portafilter. The old design was hard to assemble, didn't have a stand and the needles where way too thick to actually work.
Studio Jawel developed an easy mechanism through which you can easily lock the acupuncture needles in place. After use the tool now has a place to "hang out".



Coffee distributor


This tool creates a level coffee bed in the portafilter by simply giving it a spin. The old design didn't quite go deep enough into the filter basket. Also the fins where not sharp enough so they were compressing the coffee rather then distributing it.

We designed 4 different sizes distributors to fit all possible filter baskets.



Coffee tampers

This tool compresses the coffee bed so a espresso can be made. The old "RVS" tamper was not even made of steel and the three tampers Barista-Essentials where offering didn't fit the same style. We also improved the ergonomics of the tamper so it feels really nice in the hand.

We designed 4 different sizes tampers to perfectly fit all possible filter baskets.



Dosing cup

The dosing cup is used for grinding and measuring coffee beans. The new version of the cup has a conical inside so less coffee sticks inside. The bottom is heavier so its not as easily knocked over.

The costs and risks are greatly reduced as there was only one manufacturer who was selling the old design. By sourcing our own factory and delivering our own design we have a lot more control over the cost and delivery.



Portafilter handle

The old handle had a few issues we could improve upon. The metal sometimes broke, the design was also sold on ali-express and the handle didn't always stay in place.

The new handle is nicer to hold, made from higher quality materials and better fits the Barista-Essentials brand.



Sage Dosing ring

For the sage coffee makers, a special dosing ring is designed so it securely snaps on to the portafilter. With this ring you can activate the grinder without the risk of making a mess of your kitchen. We also made the ring shorter than existing ones to save on shipping and storing space. The design also stands out from what the rest of the market offers.



Tamper distributor combination

This tool is a all in one combination for distributing and tamping your coffee. The old tool was awkward to use because you had to turn discs and if you wanted the tamping side deeper the distributor would lose length. This made the tool unusable for some coffee machines.



Product Renders

Personalised product design

Are you looking for a custom designed product for your brand? 

Get in touch!

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