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Barista-Essentials, an E-commerce brand selling white label barista products was searching for a developing partner. Their vision was clear, sell good products for a fair price. Their brand had gained traction, but the products where lacking. Thats where Studio Jawel came in.


Studio Jawel's role in this project was developing a hardware-brand language for Barista-Essentials. We started by doing some market research and found a great market fit for the new products. After finding the market fit we started developing the products, one by one starting at the best sellers. For each product we did design sketching, user testing, engineering, prototyping, contact with manufacturing parties and creating product renders for the website and

This project was initiated by Barista-Essentials and we are still working together on the product line till this day.

The first products launched in oktober 2023 at the Host trade fair in Milan only after 3 months of starting the project. The products are sold worldwide.

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Personalised product design

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