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Secure2Go is a personal alarm service. They rent out alarm devices for professional use and provide 24/7 contact with their emergency center. Because they rent out their devices they have to earn their investments back in terms. The charger for their alarm buttons costed them tens of euros a piece.


Their question to Studio Jawel was to design and engineer a new charger and support in the product management proces and contact with manufacturing parties. The goal was to manufacture the charger themselves to lower the costs over time. The outcome of the project was a charger that can be manufactured for around ten euros.

This project was initiated by Secure2Go.

The first batch of the product has been manufactured in 2022 and is being distributed in 5 European countries.


Modular body for any situation.

Due to the broad spectrum of companies Secure2Go provides, the use of the charger should be able to change with the needs of the user. For safety on the road some companies want chargers mounted in their cars. Others may want desk chargers or even multi-chargers for teams at the office. Studio Jawel tackled this challenge by designing a modular plastic body that can be mounted to a metal stand or a standerd car mount.

Product sketches during product design proces during development of the charger.
3d printed prototype of the charger fitting a small personal alarm button
3d printed prototype of the charger fitting a big personal alarm button
Charger secure 2go exploded view
Charger secure 2go exploded view 2
Charger secure 2go exploded view 3
Charger secure 2go charging station
Charger secure 2go side
Charger secure 2go front
Charger secure 2go exploded
Charger secure 2go

Personalised product design

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