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This is a very special project. A entrepreneur with a big idea was looking for someone to develop his idea to a marketable product. Because of his budget Jasper urged him to pivot to a different solution which ended up being advise worth 1 million euro's!

Not even kidding. Entrepreneur Max Schuppert came to Studio Jawel with the dream to develop a crate of bottles that could be filled up by connecting it to a hose. When Jasper layed out all of the complications of the project he came up with a proposal. Instead of filling up 10 bottles at once to save time. Why not make it faster to fill up one bottle at a time with a separate system, raise money with that product and later on expand with the crate!


What happens next is almost unbelievable. After designing and developing a working prototype, Max decides it is time for a big leap. He signs up for the Dutch tv show Dragons' Den and actually presents both the bottle and the crate. What ends up happening is one of the investors falling in love with the idea of the bottle, and doesn't care at all about the crate! Which started out as being a mitigation to save money, actually ended up being a one million euro idea! 
You can find a article about the project here:

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Water krat concept foto

Max his original idea was a crate that connects to a garden hose. He hired someone to 3d draw a system but they couldn't get it to work.

Where it started

New approach

Illustratie langzaam vullen

To zoom out from Max his idea we needed to look at what he was trying to solve. Saving time! Well.. Then we have to look what takes the most time. Turns out. Taking the lid off and putting it on on again 10 different times takes a lot of effort.

Illustratie sneller vullen

By cutting out the step of screw caps and directly filling the bottles through the bottom a lot of time is saved. My suggestion for Max was to let me develop this solution first so we can start raising money with minimal effort. If we get this first step from the ground we can raise more money to develop the more expensive crate. Max loved this idea!

Concept tekening waterfles
Miljoenen idee artikel AD

Strategy worth €1.000.000

Within no-time we developed a working minimal viable product. During the covid-19 period Max took the prototype to the popular tv-show Dragons' Den.

He explained both the bottle filling station and the crate. The investors only had eyes for the filling station! This ment that the pivot that was supposed to cut cost was now a strategy worth €1.000.000 which investor Pieter Schoen offered.

We build a prototype to prove the concept:

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