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Worm removal kit

The challenge: There was need for user servicing in one part of the coffee maker. This part was not reachable without disassembling the machine. The desire was a service cover which could be accessed by users in a safe way. Only the side cover of the machine could be adjusted. No other parts of the machine should be impacted or changed. Jasper took on this challenge by creating quick prototypes and user testing, trouble shooting and talking with Chinese manufacturing partners to get to a manufacturable solution while under time pressure.

This project was initiated by Spinn while Jasper was under contract there.

Safety first

Exposing internal components poses safety risks. With the first prototypes the challenge was to make sure that the visual impact to the machine was as low as possible, the components easy to take out and above all. Safe to acces for users.


Speed is key

While striving to tackle deadlines. Time is your enemy, by prototyping with tools at hand, a lot of first solutions can be tested. Here Jasper used mouldable silicone to test how much space was free to fill up inside the machine to prevent users from accessing internal components. This could be user tested and measured to move towards a 3d model.

Make - test - improve - repeat

When running against the clock, sometimes its better to just try a lot of stuff, see what works (keep that) and what doesn't (improve on that). With a 3d printer at his side, Jasper was able to test around 3 prototypes a day resulting in around 15 prototypes in a week resulting in a working prototype after just one week.


Moving towards production

When the desired use is reached, safety is sufficient and the impact to the main assembly unaffected, the time was right to get ready for production. Jasper always keeps manufacturability in the back of his head while prototyping. This makes it low effort to engineer the components so they can be injection moulded. With these 3d drawings, high end prototypes can be ordered and tested. 


The change to the coffee maker was implemented as soon as was possible. Now, every Spinn machine is showing off a chrome ring on the side panel. This invention was patented right away.


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