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Studio Jawel is an all round product design studio. Our main goal is to figure out your needs, see how we can add value and then do it! Simple as that.

Jasper van 't Wel spreker

Startup support

Studio Jawel can help your startup with the first important steps. creating a strategy for the first minimal viable product (MVP), fabricating prototypes, designing a brand and creating visuals for your pitch-deck. Want to learn more? Get in touch!

3d Prototyping coffee machine

Problem solving

and innovation

We get enthusiastic about technical challenges. Our proces is very practical. Due to in house rapid prototyping we can think of a solution, test it the same day, learn and improve! This is how Jasper earned his (childhood dream) title as inventor.
Check out one of the patents!

secure 2 go exploded view

Engineering and manufacturing

Studio Jawel has in house design, soft engineering and 3d printing skills. We work closely with partners specialised in electronics, engineering and manufacturing. If we can't do it ourselves, we've got the network to get the job done.

Roderick de Rode - Founder & CEO at Spinn inc.

"I have gotten to know Jasper as a hard working, fast learning independent designer. While working at Spinn he took on any job without hesitation. Designing accessories, packaging, manuals, visuals and engineering new features for the Spinn coffee maker. Jasper is a great addition to any business or team."


Studio Jawel is an all round product design studio. Our main goal is to figure out your needs, see how we can help and then do it! Simple as that.

Studio Jawel Brainstorm

Aligning goals

To kick off any project, we need to make sure that all parties are on the same page. Just like products, communication can be designed. The outcome of this brainstorm will be put into a debrief and this will be the ground frame of the project.

If your company is struggling communicating with internal teams or with external parties, Studio Jawel together with partner company Fundamentals can design a Co-working session. For more information about this, please reach out!

Studio jawel moodboard

Gathering information

Most projects need some more in dept knowledge about the target group, project restrictions, the competitors, the technical side, your company background and brand style, trends and so on.

Blue pencil sketches

Exploring possibilities

After the goal of the project has been set and most background information is gathered, we will brainstorm and ideate to find solutions. This can be done on post-its, in sketches or in mind-maps.

Prototyping 3d prints


Making something in 3d can help a lot. Both to get a feeling for materials and size or to test if certain solutions will work in practise. Prototyping in this phase can be quick dirty and is ment to learn from.

Studio jawel works a lot with silicone, clay and 3d printed prototypes.

Rovary concept drawing

Working out the details

When the tested prototype has the desired usability, the rough idea has to be worked out to a marketable solution. Design choices have to be made, materials should be defined and parts are drawn out with producibility in mind.

Electronics lighting exploded view


When everything is defined, the concept has to be made ready for production. Materials are specified,  the 3d model is fully defined and manufacturers are connected. After this phase, the product is ready for production!

Spinn coffee machine packaging design

Ready to ship

Studio Jawel can also support in making the product ready to ship. Designing packaging, warning stickers, manuals and quick-start guides.

High end visuals

We are also able to create marketing material for your product. Anything is possible, clean product renders, instruction videos, product animations, or scenario "photoshoots".

Studio Jawel is an all round product design studio. But if we can't do it, we probably got the network to help you with your challenge. Feel free to reach out with any inquiry.

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