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Rovary is a Dutch company that has been selling white label air quality meters. Their goal is to make innovative, user-friendly and modern air quality meters. Rovary wanted to strengthen their brand by producing their own line of air quality meters, starting with a Hygrometer.

Studio Jawel's role in this project was researching the existing market, creating brand identity moodboards, Idea sketching and making a digital 3d model for production parties.


Because the Rovary brand did not have any other original products, Studio Jawel had a blank canvas to start on. Moodboards are the ground layer of a good design. With these collages of details in existing products, a style can be determined. A moodboard with a lot of straight angles will tell you this product is serious, tech-y, modern and feels unapproachable. A moodboard with a lot of soft and round edges makes the product very approachable and friendly. Rovary felt most comfortable with a mix of high end friendliness.


Communication is key in doing any product design project. Studio Jawel is used to organising brainstorms to make important choices together with the client. Distance between parties or a something like a global pandemic doesn't make this communication less important. Thats why Studio Jawel also offers digital brainstorming sessions. 



Curious about the next Rovary product?

Studio Jawel also designed a CO2 meter for Rovary, 

Check it out!

Personalised product design

Personalised product design

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