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L'orangerie creates home perfumes since 2020. As the perfumes are sold in plastic bottles, studio Jawel sat down and created a new look and broader strategy for the brand. Next to only selling room sprays we reimagined the brand to a room scent experience provider. We designed glass spray bottles, scented candles, bamboo diffuser sticks, and a lava stone diffuser.

This project was initiated by MNDAY and L'orangerie. Studio Jawel did the product design, packaging design, parts of the graphic design and sourcing glass and scents manufacturers.



Ofcourse a brand founded in 2020 cannot really talk about heritage. The name of the brand on the contrary has a rich heritage. a "l'orangerie" is a glass building where wealthy people would keep their tropical citrus trees and plants in during the winter.

Plastic to recycled glass

Looking at what the brand name suggests, it would be a no brainer to make the products from glass. For this we really wanted to show the craftsmanship of the glassblowers and how far they have come through the years. To make the bottles as sustainable as possible, we went for recycled glass which gives off this distinct but luxurious blue hue.

Expending the line


At the moment, l'orangerie is just selling spray bottles. We suggested to create an entire scent line, consisting from two sizes spray bottles, bamboo diffuser sticks, scented candles and a lava stone diffuser.

In store scent experience


It's very easy to get overwhelmed by scents and testers in stores. To create a fun and tactile in store experience we designed a little glass dome. Underneath the dome lays a lava stone on which perfume oil can be dripped. By picking up the dome you release the scent. You simply close the dome to stop the scent from spreading any further.

Embrace craftsmanship

The creation of a L'orangerie used to be a great breakthrough in glass making technology. We would like to pay hommage to that by showing the details that modern glass producers can conform to. By creating a ribbed pattern the glass plays with the light. The logo also shows great precision.

Packaging to fit a luxury brand

The luxurious new product line also deserved packaging to match it. We designed the packaging to be perfect for gifting it as a present. The silhouettes of the products encapsulates the flavours inside, just like the product contains the scent.

Product Renders

Personalised product design

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